Hello Fall!

The fall is by far my favorite season, but I mean how could it not be? Crisp cool air, Hot coffee ( even though I drink hot coffee year round) sweatshirts and getting to wear boots again! How lucky are we to get to live in New England during such a beautiful time of year. It is one of my favorite things to photograph. The warmth that radiates from the trees makes for the perfect portrait.

This year we are hosting our sessions at one of the best foliage spots in Massachusetts, Boston Public Garden- Commonly mistaken with Boston common. They are actually two seperate parks just right across the street from each other. Haven't seen the stunning colors that the foliage brings the city skyline? it is stunning, and we will be there at the perfect time.

Grab your family, your fall's best attire, plan a great day & meet me in the city.

“The many-colored leaves could represent the myriad of opportunities that await you, if you take advantage of this beautiful season. Autumn is a beautiful time of year. ... The leaves change from green to an incredible display of vibrant colors, just as your cheeks get a little ruddy from the colder weather.”