Why printing your family means so much to

Boston, Massachusetts Tiffany Mahoney Photography is a full service photography studio. We believe that your family deserves to have heirloom art work printed by the best professional labs to look back on and pass down from generation to generation. There is nothing quite like experiencing the emotion of having art work in your hands that features your loved ones. I get goosebumps just thinking about it, honestly. Every time I have a client order come in am blown away by not only the craftsmanship of the businesses creating my heirlooms for our studio but by the overwhelming feeling of love I get.

One of my favorite parts of the entire process is knowing I will get to be apart of your families legacy as you journey through life. Knowing my creations will be solidified in real life, as a hard object not just a tangible digital that can be lost. Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against digital images- but I have a love hate relationship with them and I'll tell you why.

Digital images are wonderful for sharing via social media so families can keep in touch and see babies they may not have the chance to due to Covid-19. However unfortunately that is usually where it ends, because quite frankly life is busy and you swear you will get around to printing them but the time just seems to keep slipping away. Before you know it your kiddos have grown up and your newborn photos are stored on a har drive or on your cell phone. The investment you made into a professional newborn photography session deserves to be adored by all who visit you home, and for every generation who comes after you to look back on.

20x30 heirloom framed canvas

Matted folio prints

12x12 heirloom leather bound album

Heirloom album